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Koen is a great Personal Trainer. I have been doing weekly exercises with him for the past 2.5 years.

What I like about working with Koen is his guidance and encouragement in making exercise a routine part of my life.

There is no pressure to set standards that will be difficult to sustain over a period of time.

Instead I have been able to incorporate exercise into a routine that is both do-able and sustainable.

I am very thankful to Koen for this and he’s great fun too!


I believe working with Koen has enabled me to look forward to a longer and healthier life.

He’s not full of fads and gimmicks, instead he listened to me and worked with me to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have been sensible and achievable.

Thank you Koen!

Paula L

Koen has been my personal trainer since 2011.

A couple of training sessions a week means that I maintain a level of fitness that works for me.

I’ve never (really never!) wanted to run a marathon or anything similar, but I have always wanted to ensure that I’m fit, strong and healthy.

The sessions are a good mix of boxing, strength training and cardio.

I would highly recommend Koen – his friendly, approachable and encouraging attitude will soon have you working towards your fitness goals!

Tracy Y

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