What’s the Danger in Exercising for Someone Over 40?

The Stop / Start button!

What do I mean by this ?

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but this definitely applies to some!

There are periods where some people don’t do any exercise or consider their diet – and then suddenly, BOOM, it’s full-on.

If this is you, read on….

They go to work in the car sitting down, eat ‘comfort food’ for lunch, and have long periods of time working behind the desk.

And then for some reason, they have an epiphany and it’s

“ Right, I’ve got to do something”

They jump in their car, sign up at the gym, or maybe start running.

Sounds good, BUT they haven’t prepared for this change of lifestyle. So the body is kickstarter into something that it maybe isn’t quite ready for.

Always remember that life is a one-way journey. We may never have the same fitness level we once had; we are always changing and we have to allow for that as we get older.

With the right regime, we can actually improve our fitness too, but jumping in the deep end is not the way to achieve this.

This stop / start pattern is when old injuries can come back, and not just physically.

They can have a setback mentally as it can be quite hard on their minds because suddenly they feel like they want to do something and to not be able to do so, sets them back even more.

So, you’ve got to ease yourself into it, but you’ve got to do it REGULARLY, CONSISTENTLY and you have to PERSEVERE.

With these habits in place, you can build in a sustainable way.

There’s a great book Title that sums this up.

“How Do You Eat an Elephant?”

Answer: One small piece at a time 🙂

That’s how you get your fitness back on track – one step at a time!

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