The 500 Calorie Kitchen Asparagus and Butternut Squash Salad



The 500 Calorie Kitchen is all about learning to cook delicious meals which are packed with goodness and vital nutrients, while keeping control of the calorie count. It’s all about getting as much value for every calorie you consume, without compromising on flavour and the enjoyment of food.

As a former Chef working in top hotels and restaurants in the UK and Belgium, Koen is passionate about food. Sourcing it, cooking it, eating it and sharing it with others! Fueling yourself with great food will leave you feeling energised, satisfied and nourished.

Often when people decide to change their diet in a bid to get healthier or lose weight, they often focus on the things that they need to give up or that are “bad”. Koen takes a different approach and teaches you about all the great foods you can eat. How to prepare, enhance and cook ingredients so that they taste amazing and you soon forget about the things you are trying to avoid, as they no longer appeal. No food groups are off the menu, yet Koen inspires with mouth-watering recipes front-loaded with vegetables and plants, supplemented with quality protein, healthy fats and lighter carbs. Each recipe Koen creates is 500 calories or fewer per portion.

Follow Koen’s regular live cooking demos on The 500 Calorie Kitchen Facebook Page and enjoy all his recipes as part of his 1:1 bespoke fitness and healthy eating coaching Programme.

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