The SELF Programme is the result of working with hundreds of people who have decided to change their lifestyles and habits to improve their health and well-being in later life.

It's an ACTIVE EXERCISE programme, devised by Koen Bouckaert, based on 15 years experience doing one-2-one personal training, and with the added value of 5 years as a professional chef in London and Brussels, preparing healthy, delicious meals.

The SELF Programme runs over 12 consecutive weeks and is personalised to You, Your Goals, YOURSELF!

There are 4 modules






The Programme is delivered ONLINE and you are personally supported by Koen over the 12 weeks; depending on your location there may be an option to have a number of face-to-face training sessions.

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A Note from Koen

Why did i create the SELF Programme

In my experience as a personal trainer working with hundreds of clients, I’ve realised that lots of people in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond want to be fit, strong and healthy.

But too often, the solutions presented are a one size fits all approach. These often are complicated with crazy diets that people can only stick to for a very short time paired with intense, back braking exercise sessions that are too hard or unsuitable for many people.

The SELF programme has been designed as a customized plan that not only fits in with your busy life, it’s easy to follow and at every step you will be accountable to me.

That way you get long-lasting results that you can sustain, while enjoying the lifestyle you really want.”