Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions.

If there’s something not covered here, then please get in touch.

How Does The SELF Programme Work?

The SELF Programme is an ACTIVE EXERCISE programme I created, based on 15 years experience working with people as a one-2-one personal trainer, and 5 years as a professional chef in London and Brussels, preparing healthy, delicious meals.

The programme is bespoke to you, based on your current activity levels, lifestyle and dietary preferences and habits.


  • Strength
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
  • Food

with each focussing on a key area of your health and wellness.

Each Module is divided into 3 weekly sections, with specific activities relevant to the module.

After each module, we have a review of where we started and where we have arrived.

What do I get in my Programme?

Your Own 12 week Personalised Plan

I will design your bespoke programme from the information you provide during the Set-up Session.

You’ll be given a login to your own area on our website where you’ll find everything you need and where to start.

Each training week will show you exactly what to do, according to the Module where you start.

Then each week, we’ll review where we are and what next.

Ongoing support

I’m here to guide you, help you and make sure you get the best outcome.

During our weekly call, I’ll answer any questions you may have. If you’ve any questions along the way, just email me!

Food Education

This isn’t a case of simply counting your calories or nutrient intake. We all live different lives and I give you an education that will enable you to make your own food choices, with delicious and healthy meals.

What makes Body Health Investors different?

We don’t have a rigid one-size-fits-all plan. Your plan is YOURS, personalised to your lifestyle and goals. This makes it sustainable and we like to think that you can continue this in everyday life.

What if I don’t think I need some Modules?

You will need all the modules. We’ll start with your priorities.

How quickly can I get started?

Once we’ve had a discussion and payment has been received, we’ll arrange a one hour phone call to get you onboard. This will normally happen within 24 hours.

Do you offer personal training in person?

Yes, depending on your location, PT sessions can be done in person or online.

What happens after my 12 weeks?

That’s completely up to you. If you’re happy with the results and knowledge you’ve gained, then you can happily continue. Many clients choose to stay with us, and we have a low-cost maintenance Programme that you’ll be given the option to join.

Do you help me with my medical conditions / injuries?

Medical advice is not a part of our service. To be clear, although our training programs work toward optimal health they are not intended as a replacement for personalised medical advice.

Do I need to have gym access or fitness equipment to use the plan?

No, because each programme is written on a bespoke basis I will work with whatever fitness equipment you have available to you. Where you do not have gym access and are in need of some pieces of equipment to achieve your goal, I will make those recommendations.

I don’t have much time to cook, how easy is the meal plan to cook?

If time is scarce and you would like an easy to prepare meal plan, just select a simple meal planner option when you receive your training forms and I will only include meals and recipes that are simple to follow and can be created quickly and with little preparation time, perfect for anyone short on time!