Do I Really Need to Go to The Gym  ?

I’m often asked WHO is my typical client.

Well, here’s the surprise – most of my clients are aged between 40 and 60!

Everyone who phones me up is recommended by a friend who is an existing client, and is looking for a sustainable way of doing exercise and keeping healthy. 

What’s the most common thing I hear…

They don’t want to go to the gym! 

But they feel like they need to do something to maintain their fitness, and they want somebody who listens to them, who gives the right exercises and gives them some inspiration and motivation.

The problem with the gym is that it’s quite an inaccessible thing, with lots of machines, lots of fit people. It just doesn’t feel like it’s ‘them’  – almost alien to them, a bit futuristic! 🙂

And sometimes it feels very commercial and sterile, and they like the idea of doing something in an environment that is relaxed and non-threatening. 

There’s also that feeling of “oh, people going to stare at me, going to look at me, at my body” and this feeling of body shaming which nobody wants. 

Go to any gym and you’ll see a lot of people that are younger than my clients.

People need to feel secure in their own environment and that’s why they come to me and I train them. 

What’s your thoughts ? Love or Hate the Gym. Leave a comment if you relate to this 🙂




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