Age is Not Just a Number

We’ve all been there. We’ve been the Younger version of us.

When we’re in our teens and 20’s, it’s all about self image, and so this age group want to train to improve the way they look and how they’re perceived by others. There’s a lot of insecurity in most people who are in their teens and 20s. So they want to feel confident in themselves and they want to look good, especially nowadays with social media, and programs like Love Island!

So, that’s their inspiration for training.

Once we get into our 30s, it’s still there a little bit, but our mindset looks at other things as well. We might be married by then, or we might be in a long term relationship, we might even have children. And suddenly, the reasons why a 30+ year old might train is starting to change.

There’s still that feeling of wanting to look good, but this is not just for the ‘mating opportunities’ anymore. It’s just for you, for your own confidence and self-esteem.

Then comes your 40’s, you suddenly feel like it’s a bit of a milestone; you start to think more about how much time you’ve already spent on this planet.. and you suddenly become aware of your own mortality.

Your parents are getting older, or the generation before you is getting older. There are people around you, maybe even friends and family, who may have health problems.

And now that mindset of just looking good is now starting to flip completely into more health and well-being.

You want to be able to lead the lifestyle that you have now for as long as possible without aches and pains and worrying about your health, your heart, your diabetes etc.

All these things start to play on your mind.

That’s why we need to start investing in our Health and Well-Being as soon as we become aware of this and not leave it too late.

Ageing is inevitable, but we can have some influence on the pace and impact.


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