About Me

My career began as a chef before I moved into personal training.

I’ve worked at some of the top restaurants in London and Belgium and I learnt a lot about how to prepare and cook fantastic healthy dishes.

Combining this with personal training, I help people just like you get the RESULTS YOU WANT!

My Story

I’ve a simple question for you.

What stops you getting the best results from your health and wellness activities…?

I’ve noticed over the years training clients of all ages, that most people over the age of 40 aren’t really looking for a Beach Body – and yet, a lot of younger less experienced personal trainers tend to take the same approach with a 25-year-old as they do with a 55-year-old, and prescribe a programme that involves turning up at the gym, lifting weights, surrounded by men and women who have a completely different agenda…

This can cause a feeling of intimidation and even inadequacy when doing exercises down the gym and eventually leads to people giving up because their training programme and the way it’s structured is completely wrong for them!

From the age of 7, I’ve been into sports and exercise but I was never a top athlete or anything like that. When I was at school, I played football. I was never the best player. I was probably the most average player there was, so I know the feeling of not being able to ‘measure up.’

But I always liked parts of it; putting on the socks, football boots, stuff like that. My Dad was always very sporty and when I was young, he did football and also swimming. So, I started going swimming with him as well. I just liked being active.

I was fortunate to escape the peer pressure of the school football team and just enjoy my swimming and this was so important to helping me get comfortable with my own limitations and abilities.

And that’s something that’s very important as we get older – to make sure we have a health and wellness programme that we can realistically sustain and gives real long-lasting benefits.

Unless you have something that can actually do, then you won’t be able to sustain it and that leads to the short bursts of activity and then the inevitable stopping when it becomes unrealistic and that feeling of ‘failure’.

My career began as a chef before I moved into personal training; I’ve worked at some of the top restaurants in London and Belgium and I learnt a lot about how to prepare and cook fantastic healthy dishes.

I made the decision to change career when my son was born as the arrival of parenthood changed my perspective on life completely!

I felt this new total responsibility for my child and I began thinking about my Dad in later life and my new-born son just starting out and thought it’s time to start to think about the future a little bit…
Thoughts like “I want my kids to grow up to be fit and healthy, eat well, enjoy the outdoors” – looking back at the positive aspects of my childhood (it wasn’t all a bed of roses) and how exercise and general fitness helped me.

This was the tipping point that inspired me into personal training.

I’m fortunate now to be able to bring together my passion for health and great cooking and this helps my clients achieve the lifestyle they want.

Let’s have a short chat and see how I can help you 🙂


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The SELF Programme is the result of working with hundreds of people who have decided to change their lifestyles and habits to improve their health and well-being in later life.

It's an ACTIVE EXERCISE programme, devised by Koen Bouckaert, based on 15 years experience doing one-2-one personal training, and with the added value of 5 years as a professional chef in London and Brussels, preparing healthy, delicious meals.

The SELF Programme runs over 12 consecutive weeks and is personalised to You, Your Goals, YOURSELF!

There are 4 modules






The Programme is delivered ONLINE and you are personally supported by Koen over the 12 weeks; depending on your location there may be an option to have a number of face-to-face training sessions.

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